In a lavanderia

in a Lavanderia, Via Del Servi, Florence Italy

I love washing clothes in a laundromat.

I have even fought with an Italian man who owns the laundromat I used to frequent in West Kensington, London.

I even had to help a Spanish couple how to use the machine in a laundromat in  Florence.

Nothing eventful happened in a laundromat in Paris.

You see many different characters and  meet different people in Laundromats. I remember meeting two American women of a certain age washing their knickers to the machine next to mine. We were talking about the regular 411’s of people traveling (i.e. where you from, how long you’re staying..yadayadayada). What struck me the most is that they said that they have a luggage full of dirty laundry. After their stint at the laundromat, they’re off buying new luggage and clothes! I said, “You girls are gonna be paying a hefty fine for excess baggage!” One replied, “We don’t mind paying.”

It’s true friends, they live in excess.


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