Essentials: Travel Wallet

Essentials: Travel Wallet

August 24, 2005

Ngurah Rai International Airport

(Better known as Bali International Airport)

I had just been through the immigration officer and was making my way to the gates. In my left hand was my wallet, a pen, my ticket and my boarding pass. My mobile phone was on the right, texting my cousin Bing. Dean, the guy I dated around that time, wanted to venture to a different part of the terminal. I just wanted to go straight to the departure gates and rest.  I ended up walking around anyway.

I found my self comparing the airport to that of Mactan-Cebu International Airport. They almost feel the same, except that Ngurah Rai is bigger. The check-in process reminded me of the old Manila Domestic Airport,a bit crowded and confusing.

I found my departure gate and settled into a chair. I placed my boarding pass in the seat beside me and started putting all the things I held in my hand into my bag.

In a split second, a wave of panic washed over me. I lost my ticket.

I stood up and retraced my steps. I went as far back as the immigration windows, went past them and ended up back at the Malaysian Airlines check in counter.

Still no ticket.

I finally met up with Dean at the departure gate and told him I had lost my ticket. He assured me that as long as I had my boarding pass I’ll be fine.

Boarding time came. My name was announced over the public paging system. I say to my self, “They found my ticket!”.  No they didn’t find my ticket. They just asked for my boarding pass, threw it to the garbage and handed me a new one.

Dean pulled some strings. We flew from Bali to Kuala Lumpur on an upgrade to first class.  Thanks Dean.


Since then I always been very careful about handling my travel documents.

Since then I have been in search of a travel wallet.


Two years later.

my travel wallet

I found my travel wallet  (left) while walking around in Rustan’s department store in ATC. As you can see it is perfect for traveling. you have an area where you can place your passport, your airline mileage cards, some cash, an ATM, and a Credit Card. I’m not saying that you should migrate the entire contents of your personal wallet to your travel wallet. Only the essentials for traveling are needed. This includes a pen.

Yes, a pen. How many times have you experienced borrowing a pen from a co-traveler? How many times have you panicked because you needed to fill up a form and no one with a pen was in sight? How many times have you let others borrow your pen? Bring a pen. ALWAYS.

travel wallet (back)

The reason why I also like this wallet is because it has a compartment at the back where you can place your ticket, boarding pass, disembarkation and arrival cards. This minimizes incidents such as, tickets falling from your hands.

Having a travel wallet is essential in keeping all your travel documents in one place. It helps keeps a traveler calm and collected.


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