Flight Control App


Flight Control

There’s this cute game that I’ve been playing on my ipod touch recently. It’s called FLIGHT CONTROL. I downloaded it and bought if off the itunes store for 99 cents (the US dollar 99 cents), and I’ve been hooked!

You are presented with an airfield (a choice of 5) and you are to assume the role of an Air Traffic Controller. You are to land airplanes, choppers and  prop planes with the aid of your finger. All you have to do is to guide them in landing safely without crashing into each other. It will bring out the competitive spirit in you!

You have to land red airplanes unto the red runway, yellow planes unto the yellow runway, blue choppers into the blue helipad, and green Chinook army choppers unto the green Helipad. It’s stupidly easy until after you land 15 planes!

Flight Control Screen Shot

One cool aspect of this game is you can use bluetooth technology or WIFI to play with a friend or online peer. Just land the aircraft of your color to safety.

And, the OST is nice too! *laughs*

This is a great game to play to kill time before boarding or to pass the time in-flight!


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