The London Eye

The London Eye

Summer. July 2007. South Bank. London.

There we were, looking up at this majestic ferris wheel. It’s huge. I bring my eyes back to the ground, glare got in my eye. I look at the long line of tourists before me, trying to discern where the line starts and ends.

Cholo says, “The Line’s long.”

I open my guide-book, Fodor’s London’s 25 Best, and started reading about the London Eye.

“Would you like to ride?” I ask, lifting my head from the guide-book.


I forgot he’s scared of heights.

I look at the ticket booth to check how much the rates are. I say to Cholo, “We don’t have to! It costs 14.50 Pounds (at that time around 1450 Pesos)!”

That’s just for 30 minutes.

The awe left as fast as it came.

We snapped a few photos of the London Eye and decided to walk towards Westminster.


We emerged earlier from The London Underground Embankment Station* that summer afternoon after spending our morning at the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. We got “museum-ed out” and decided to just relax and headed for the South Bank of the River Thames.

After spending an hour or so, relaxing by the gardens near the Embankment* Tube Station, we crossed the Golden Jubilee Bridge and saw the London Eye looming before us.

Surrounding the London Eye is a nice park where the locals walk about, pushing babies in their carriages.  Others give their kids some coins to drop in a hat by the foot of an actor. The kids squeal and laugh in delight, as if they have discovered the magical key to make the marble statue move. You hear a scream,or two, of fright and see some kids bursting in tears. They seek refuge in the arms of their fathers.

Walking a bit further, We stumble upon a carousel by the London Eye. The warm afternoon sun made the carousel burst into vivid colors. Pinks, reds, blues and greens. It just hooked me. You hear the children laughing and you see them smiling.

What a pretty sight.

I called out to Cholo and we continued walking towards the London Eye.


*Embankment Station is accessible via the Bakerloo Line, the Northern Line, the Cirlce Line or through the District Line.

Click here for more details about the London Tube.


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Tor is a freelance Makeup Artist in the Philippines. His work can be seen around the Southeast Asian Region in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Tor loves traveling on a budget and backpacking in different countries. Life is bringing out the TRAVELER in him.

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