Suvarnabhumi in 18 mintues


September 20, 2011

Phaya Thai BTS Train Station

Bangkok Thailand


“Where are we supposed to go?” asks my mom.

“I think we just have to go through this bridge on the left and up that escalator.” I replied while pointing my lips to the general direction of an escalator located on a new wing to the right (from where we were standing) of Phaya Thai Station.

I carefully read the signs that says “To Airport Link”. We are on the right track.

There I was dragging two rolling luggage. One was mine and one belonged to my mom.

I am starting to sweat and  I could feel it rolling down my back.

I turned to my mom and kidded her, “The next time we are to travel, make sure not to sprain your ankle the night before we fly!”

There was my mom limping and clutching on her cane laughing her ass off while I was manoeuvering both our luggage.

We crossed Phaya Thai Station, through a bridge and reached the escalator.

We ride it up.

As I look up, I see a foreigner walking down the steps while lifting his luggage.

“Is there no elevator?” my mom voiced out the question I was just thinking about. We reached the top, I looked around and came to the conclusion that there are no elevators!

I take it back! There were elevators but it was only from that floor (I think it’s the 2nd floor) all the way up to the platform for the airport link.

A BTS personnel points us to the cashier and I purchase a one way ticket for Suvarnabhumi for 90 Bhat per person.

We rode the elevator to the airport link platform, got on the train and arrived in Suvarnabhumi 18 minutes later.


Phaya Thai is a Station on the BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line.

Click here for the official Bangkok Mass Transit System website.

See below for the Route Map of the BTS Sukhumvit (Yellow Green) and Silom( Dark Green) Line, the underground MRT (Light Blue) Line, the Suvarnabhumi Airport Express (Red) Line and the Suvarnabhumi City (Dark Blue) Line.


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