Feeding Dumbo

Feeding Dumbo

August 2009

Elephant Camp

Ratchaburi, Thailand




I look around me.

We are speeding past the expressway.

I look down at my watch.

It’s a little past 7 am.

I decide to doze off yet again. That 6 am pickup  was too early.

I shift on my seat, closed my eyes and brought my shades over them.

My tour guide’s voice slowly woke me up an hour later.

As I gazed out the window, an elephant is starting to appear clearer and clearer.



I decided not to go on an elephant ride this time because I was running out of cash. 600 Baht will pay for my cab ride to Suvarnabhumi later that night. Hopefully I won’t have to pay for excess baggage.

I made a mental note to my self that I would make sure to ride on one when I return.

For 100 Baht, you get a bunch of Bananas to feed them.

That’s as close as you could get.



It was my first time to feed an elephant.

It’s a bit scary when they reach out to you. Especially when they blow air out of their trunks at the same time.

Having elephant snot on your face at 8 in the morning is not a pleasant feeling.

It is an amazing feeling none the less.

“How can a giant be so gentle?”



100 Baht worth of Bananas won’t last very long.

It’s all gone in one gulp.

I bought her another bunch.

It too, was gone in one gulp.

I wanted to buy more, but I realized that those were very expensive bananas.

Sorry Dumbo.







To get to Elephant Camp you have to book a whole day or half day tour.

Your hotel or guest house can help you with this.

It costs around 800 Baht for a half day tour and around 1500 Baht for a whole day tour.

A half day tour will bring you to the Floating Market and the Elephant Camp. The prices stated above are exclusive of the paddle boat ride and the elephant ride.

A whole day tour will bring you to the Floating Market, the Elephant Camp, the Handicraft Center, the Rose Garden Show, the Elephant and Crocodile Show, and for the Cobra Show.

The price stated above excludes the payments for the paddle boat ride around the floating market, the elephant ride, the entrance to the Cobra show and the entrance to the Rose Garden Show.

The paddle boat ride at the floating market : 150 Baht per person

The elephant ride : 600 Baht per person

The cobra show : around 200 Baht per person

The Rose Garden Show: 500 Baht per person.


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