Airport Terminal App

Airport Terminal App

I recently discovered a new APP on the istore that I enjoy playing when I’m flying. It’s called Airport Terminal. Let me just say that I don’t really play lots of games on my Ipod Touch, but there are some games I’ve come to enjoy.

The Airport Terminal app follows in line with Diner Dash and Amy’s Burger Shop Series, where you not only manage people but you also learn to manage TIME.

This game has many characters with different personalities. There the slow moving ones, the impatient ones, the divas… it’s the people one can see walking around the airport.

You aid these characters during Check-in, Duty Free Shopping, Food Shopping, Baggage Inspection and Boarding. It sounds relatively easy until you run out of TIME!

The star of the show is Penny, an airport terminal personnel, who wants to visit all the airport terminals in the world. There are 9 countries to visit, and I am currently stuck in my third country; Germany.

This game is primarily a time management game. You need to earn extra clocks to increase your time limit, especially when you are guiding the characters through the final phase leading up to boarding. Make sure to collect as much Gold clocks as possible during prior stages or during bonus rounds because you will definitely need it!


I downloaded this App when it was free! I think i caught it at a time when they were giving it out for free, BUT as I’ve checked it is now selling at $1.99. But then again nothing is really for free so, maybe when I get to a higher level, I might need to purchase it to play the game for all its worth!

As for the moment, I’m really enjoying it. It’s bringing out my competitive nature. And when the time comes when I do have to pay for it, it’s gonna be deleted.


Frankly, the reason why I clicked on this app was because I loved Penny’s eyeliner.


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