The Moon Rises Over Praiano


September 13, 2011

Spiaggia La Praia

Praiano, Costiera Amalfitana

Campania, Italy


It is now late afternoon.

We had just settled into our room at Hotel Holiday and decided to explore the area.

“Let’s hit the beach!” exclaims Cholo.

“Let us!” was my reply.

The owner, Anna Maria, gives us verbal instructions on how to get there.

She said in her thick Italian accent, “Just follow the stairs all the way down and the arrows that will lead you to Spiagga La Praia.”

We now start our walk.


Well, she really didn’t tell us how much stairs were involved but believe me when I say, it was ALOT! Don’t forget that people living on the Amalfi Coast build their houses into the cliff face. Thus the reason why if you come to the Amalfi Coast, there are lots of stairs involved.

What I found pleasant about walking the stairs and back alleys of Praiano is that you realize that the people living here are a small and tight knit community. Each stair case would lead you into someone’s garden, to someone’s main entrance, or to someone’s Vespa parked in one area. On a good day you might see a cat relaxing on one of the steps.

After walking for over thirty minutes we found ourselves at La Praia.

The beach umbrellas are now closed.

One by one incandescent yellow lights bulbs come alive.

A hint of red, yellow and orange begin to fade as the sun finally set over the horizon.

It is now getting dark and the sea is turning into different shades of blue.

All you hear is the rushing of the waves to the shore.

And when you look over to the sea and look up to the twilight sky,  you see the moon is rising over Praiano.


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