Spiagga La Gavitella


Spiaggia La Gavitella


Amalfi Coast

Campania, Italy

Chiesa di San Gennaro

Deciding to explore Praiano, with some help from Laura and the ceramic copula, we found ourselves in Chiesa di San Gennaro. Around here we found an arrow leading to Spiagga La Gavitella. Since it was almost sunset we decided to follow the arrow and find La Gavitella.


watching the sunset at La Gavitella

mode of transportation

On our way back up to Piazza di San Gennaro

Getting to La Gavitella involved alot of stairs. ALOT! More stairs than that of LaPraia. If you are not decided to go all the way, like some tourists, it’s better to go back as long as you don’t go beyond the half way mark.

La Gavitella enjoys the sun the entire day, thus this is a nice venue to watch it set.

La Gavitella doesn’t have a beach. You jump straight into the water from the stone ledge.

Some people take boat trips around the area. It’s easier than the stairs.


Chili left to dry in the summer sun

Walking through the the residential area, you see many reflections of the culture. Such as chili left to dry in the sun and poems written on ceramic tiles (click here to be brought to that blog).


the lights are out, ready for the coming fiesta

Mama, bambino y nonna

Making our way to Piazza di San Gennaro, we decided to sit down and relax before moving on. We enjoyed watching the locals who were evidently fired up for the upcoming fiesta.

A round of applause rang throughout the piazza when the light bulbs were lit.

A few more days to go and it was fiesta time.

Too bad we left the next day.


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