To Spiagga La Praia and back

To Spiagga La Praia and back

Spiaggia La Praia


Amalfi Coast

Campania, Italy


Walking down to Spiagga La Praia


You see the occasional water fountain

If you're thirsty, it's safe to drink.

A ceramic altar of San Luca

hanging out in one of the steps

Walking the alley ways and back streets affords you to see many things that bring the community to life. Even if you don’t see a lot of people, you get a sense of who they are.


An Italian man roasting under the sun.

On their way fishing

dry docked for the day

Spiagga La Praia is describe to be a “lonely” beach because of its relatively small size. It’s scenic location and the fact that it has a beach (in comparison to La Gavitella which doesn’t have one) makes up for the “loneliness”.

During the day locals and tourist alike flock here for a little R n R.

Some spend their lunch break roasting under the sun.


walking up the stairs, the first among many.

Let the arrows guide your way

Walking back up to the hotel can be quite a work out. The key here is to take it all in stride.


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