Sorrento For An Hour Or Two


September 16, 2011


Walking along Corso Italia

Campania, Italy


We arrived in Sorrento from Praiano in an hour and thirty minutes. We boarded the Sita Bus at the Praiano Bus stop and bid our goodbyes to the Amalfi coast.

Upon arriving, we decided to do a little bit of sight-seeing for an hour or two around Sorrento before hopping on the Circumvesuviana to Naples, then onwards to Rome.

Corso Italia

Corso Italia is Sorrento’s main shopping area. You see leather goods from bags to shoes for sale. Fresh fruits and vegetables. There are silk scarves, kitchen towels and various trinkets to pick up to serve as memorabilia.

By The Cathedral

You will reach the cathedral as you walk along Corso Italia. You’ll then hear a buzz. The buzz of people talking and spoons and forks scratching on plates. There are restaurants right in front of it.  We were a bit hungry already but decided not to have lunch there. Too many tourists.

view from my table

Since it’s always better to enjoy food with nice ambiance and few people, we decided to walk around until we saw a panini bar. There were more locals here which was better.

a window

There is something about the “light” in Italy. It brings out the warmth in everything it touches.


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  1. That’s so true. I don’t know what’s with the light in Italy. No wonder most of the master painters were from there. The light makes all the colors pop out!

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