KLM says, “Good Night Manila, Good Morning Europe!”


March 28, 2012

Gold’ Gym



I was browsing the newspaper at the gym yesterday when I read a small news entry at the bottom of the front page.

After 60 years of direct flights from Amsterdam to Manila and vice versa. KLM has terminated this route as the last KLM flight to Amsterdam left Manila on March 25, 2012.

The reason behind this change is because of the Common Carrier Tax, which charges European airlines 3% on top of the 2.5 gross on billing tax. Now, I’m no genius in math and taxation but it seems that KLM discontinued its direct flights to save money. Now,we can’t blame them for that.

It is also because of the Common Carrier Tax that many European Airlines stopped direct services ages ago. Now, this answers my questions that have long been bugging my mind ever since I was scouting for flights for my trip to Europe 2 years ago. It’s just to expensive to operate.

After all, we are living during difficult economic times.  As the saying goes, “Shape up or Ship out!”… or “fly out” that is.

The new Manila – Taipei – Amsterdam flights now leaves Manila in the evenings (KLM used to fly in the mornings) with a 2 hour (+/-) lay over in Taipei and arrives in Amsterdam at 6:10 in the morning of the next day.


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