Along The Sands Of Puka Beach (In Pictures)

Along The Sands Of Puka Beach (In Pictures)

December 31, 2011

Puka Beach

Boracay Island



As we walk along, we feel the morning sun warm the sands of Puka Beach.

A catamaran docks on the beach, bringing in tourists that hang about for a little over an hour before continuing to circumnavigate the island.

A line of artistically arranged drift wood indicate that we are nearing our favorite spot on the beach.


We find an area of sparse trees. We mark our spot for the day.

We open our mat, and start to worship the sun.


As the mid day heat brings out our thirst, a small nipa hut offers refreshments.

Advertising in a very subtle manner.

Or a  coconut or two perhaps?

As we slowly move along, we meet an assortment of characters.

Like this old lady, Josefina, peddling some Puka Shells. She’s been doing it all her life. Raised her children through Puka Shells.

Do mind the cigarette on her left hand.


As we make our way back to our shady spot, we pass by a beached Bangka.

We pass by shells strung together by old fishing nets, as they gently sway on the breeze.


Taking a seat.

Taking in the view.


Children play along the shore,

Our Russian neighbors finally venture out of their shady camp.

Thanks for the wonderful music by the way.


When the sun shines gold, the temperature cools down.

It’s time to pick out some shells along the sand to bring home.


The clouds in the sky announce that the sun is about to set.

 We sit along the sands of Puka Beach as we bask under the sun’s dying rays.

Another Boracay day comes to a close.


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