Kaffee Alt Wien

It is our final night in Vienna.

Ken brought Cholo and I, along with his friends to Kaffe Alt Wien – a traditional Viennese Cafe that has been established in 1922 and was/is part of “Viennese Coffee House Culture” . This actually played a role in shaping Viennese culture.

Traditional Viennese Cafes are listed as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO. So Cholo and I are grateful to have experienced something as authentic as this. Kaffe Alt Wien has developed into a night cafe as the years rolled by.

This cafe was inherited by Leopold Hawelka and his wife,  Josefine in 1936. By 1939 they opened their own cafe, Café Hawelka (another cafe listed as part “Viennese Coffee House Culture”), which Ken, Cholo and I briefly passed on our way home. You can see us standing by the door of the cafe with a group of friends on the last photo.

Winter Palace of Prince Eugene

Prince Eugene Of Savoy spent his winter months here then during the summer, he used to spend it at the Belvedere.

This palace was bulit in 1697.


Leopold Museum

Night Cap: For Sale Pub

It’s our last night in Budapest and what a way to celebrate this amazing leg of our trip to Central Europe by having a night cap in For Sale Pub. We had a few Gin and Tonics to warm us up a bit. No matter how cold it was here in Budapest, it never bothered us any way.

We are heading back to Vienna tomorrow.


Must Do: Rudas Bath

Rudas Bath is probably the most popular medieval Turkish bath in Budapest. This is not a nude spa, so you are encouraged to bring your own swimming trunks, if not, you can rent a small “cloth” to cover your private parts.

It’s an amazing experience.

Rudas Bath is men only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. It is is women only on Tuesdays and mixed at the weekends.