In Transit

I arrived together with my friends, Mez and Greg, from Bali the night before. We must have exited Changi International Airport at around 3 am. And when we got to Greg’s place – we ended up cooking some rice and spam. I’m sure we must have fallen asleep close to 5 in the morning already.

We woke up at around 10 am and that’s when I realized I had to be at the airport by 2 pm to catch my 4:35 flight back to Manila.

So we all managed to leave Greg’s pad just before 12 noon, scooted over to one of the malls in Orchard to have some lunch and then rushed on the MRT to the airport. I am already exhausted. *Laughs*

My JetStar flight is scheduled to arrive in Manila at 8:10pm – which gives me enough time to prepare for work the next day.

I have realized that all of my time here in Singapore is short – I must come back and stay for a few days.

Leaving Bali

It was a short but sweet trip to Bali with my two cohorts. Although we missed out on some spots because of Mez’ condition, spending time with each other is the main goal.

The great thing about renting your own tourist service here is that you can go straight to the airport from any point of the island.

We arrived in Ngurah Rai International airport around 7 in the evening. This gave us enough time to wash up at the toilets, have dinner in one of the airport restaurants and “rest” until it was time for us to board our 10:45 pm flight to Singapore.


Unbeknownst to us, we were in Bali as the people were preparing for Nyepi.

Nyepi is a Balinese “Day of Silence” that is commemorated every Saka New Year. Silence is observed for 24 hours on this day and new year is celebrated the day after.

Nyepi this year is celebrated on March 9th.


Walking Around Tegalalang Rice Terraces

After having some lunch in Cafe Des Artistes in Ubud, we directly went to the rice terraces of Tegalalang. Although I came here 10 years prior, I was not able to go through the rice fields.

It’s a wonderful experience, lots of walking and climbing – but take note that your shoes will get muddied going through here.

Walking Around Ubud

Mez, again booked the cab that was going to take us on tour here in Bali.

We were only able to go to a few places of interest today because Mez came down with a bad cold yesterday and woke up extremely late.

It is technically our last full day here and we started it by dashing through Ubud.

HARRIS Hotel Seminyak

We are staying at HARRIS Hotel Seminyak. Mez and I wanted to stay in a hostel, but Greg was not to inclined. We bullied him into paying for a hotel room for the three of us. *laughs*

We stayed in a room good for three that came with free breakfast. The hotel is a few minutes walk to Seminyak Beach.

Greg and I decided to laze at the pool side while waiting for Mez to return from his exam.