Leaving Krabi

We have now left Kho Phi Phi for Krabi.    We are now moving towards our second leg of our trip, to Siem Reap. Cholo was very intrigued by my trip there last year and wanted to see Angkor for himself.


I booked us on an Air Asia flight that took us from Krabi to Siem Reap via Bangkok Don Mueng. The only thing I didn’t like about this journey was, it was a missed connection at Bangkok Don Mueng Airpot. We had to stay overnight in a cheap rental for one night for our 15 hour layover.



Our flight left Krabi at 5:50 pm and arrived in Bangkok at 7:10 pm. Our flight for Siem Reap is to depart at 10:10 am the next day. This route cost us THB 9294.24, which is around Php 12,206 (less than $300) . This includes choice seats and 20kgs of baggage allowance.



Day Tripping in Railay Beach

The next day we headed for the Railay Beach. We had to ride a local long-tail boat that serviced Railay peninsula. There is a ticket booth located along Ao Nang Beach Road. It’s very easy to see, you won’t miss it. The ticket cost us Thb100 per person per way. I really did not know what expect because it was Cholo who planned this part of the trip for us.  Once the boat was full of passengers – local and foreign. We set off.


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The trip lasted around 15 minutes. We passed through amazing towering limestone cliffs. It was an amazing sight. We got dropped off at Railay Beach West. I guess this was the main dropping off point because the other foreign tourists along with their luggage got dropped of here as well. There was no port, you just dropped yourself into the shore and got wet. I saw that there were a number of hotels in the area – it is a good idea if you want to get away from Ao Nang. We just followed the foot path and the lead of other tourists to see where we were heading – and soon enough we arrived at the beach with amazing views of limestone cliffs. Not even the rain nor the clouds could dampen our mood. We found a spot under one of the rock out crop and relaxed. We saw that there were many rock climbers here – it must be what it is known for.

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We managed to bump into a cave called Phra Nang Cave. I was pleasantly surprised to see phallic objects everywhere! I later found out that this was a form of offering made by fishermen before heading out to sea. The Phalluses come in all sizes was mostly red. It’s supposed to bring good luck. *wink


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By mid-afternoon the sun show itself. We decided to stroll along the beach. It was low tide by now so it was easy to cross to the other limestone outcrops from across the water. The sand here is fine and compact. We enjoyed ourselves on the shore basking in the dimming afternoon light. When we decided it was time to go back to Ao Nang, we started retracing our steps to where we first got here. Lucky for us, a boatman right there on the beach started shouting “Ao Nang! Ao Nang!”. Cholo and I quickly found our place on the boat and we head back to Krabi.

Arriving in Ao Nang


We arrive in Krabi aboard a Bangkok Airways flight from Bangkok. The Flight was smooth and on time. I liked the colors of the livery of this airline – looks clean and soothing. We were not supposed to take a plane to here, it was initially discussed that prior to flying in from Bangkok, Cholo and I would take a sleeper bus (12 hours bus ride) from Bangkok to Krabi. You know, to rough it out a bit.



While we were checking out of our hotel, Babylon, in Bangkok, Cholo got into cordial conversation with the front desk personnel. They asked where we were heading to next and we said Krabi. When we said that were going to take the bus there, they advised us not to do so. It was too far. This was when Cholo decided that we were not taking the bus. Luckyly for the both of us, the front desk personnel helped up booked a flight that day for Krabi. We had a very tense discussion during the ride to the airport because some of the information discussed during the planning of this trip did not filter well to Cholo. Cholo spent most of his time in the airport managing to add an extra night, the night of our arrival, to the guest house he booked.

We arrived in Krabi late in the evening. The airport was small and easily navigable. Upon exiting, we took a taxi that brought us to our guest house located on the main road leading to Ao Nang beach. I can’t seem to remember the name of this guest house, but I do remember the view of the mountain from our sliding door when I woke up the next day.