Český Krumlov Castle Grounds


Český Krumlov Castle

We were very amazed at what we saw here.

I can’t believe this is Medival Castle! And the trompe l’oeil painting and details around the complex were astounding.

You can actually see the horse shoe bend of the Vltava river from this vantage point. Beautiful.


Panoramic view of Český Krumlov


Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov Castle is a very walkable castle town.

The streets are made of cobble stones, doors are colorful, there is art all over the place – and once in a while there are plant boxes on windows.

Heading to Český Krumlov

We are heading to Český Krumlov. According to my guide book, this Unesco World Heritage site is medieval town located in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic which is under a three-hour bus ride from Prague. Prior to getting here, I asked Cholo if he was game to do a day trip here and he was game for it.



We headed to Na Knížecí bus station from our flat. I bought tickets through the Student Agency website and it cost us €15. Since we were only doing a day trip to Český Krumlov, he decided to take the first bus in. We left Prague at 7 am. I scheduled our return to Prague for 5 pm.


Prior to coming here, based on my research, I realized that from Český Krumlov is located south of Prague and it was quite close to Austria. After doing a bit more research, I found out that it was possible to get to Salzburg from here and it’s only under 3 hours. I told Cholo if he wanted to add a Salzburg leg to our trip – but he declined. So, I guess I can fullfill my “Sound of Music” fantasies some other time.



We arrived at the main bus terminal in Český Krumlov just before 10 am. And as we entered the castle complex, we were greeted by this amazing aqueduct.