Falling Under The Spell of The Alhambra


Making It To Granada

It was quite a journey to get to Granada. While we were at the train station in Seville – I saw the term “transbordo” plastered on our scheduled train trip. With my minimal Spanish – I knew that meant to “transfer”. So I headed to the ticket office to ask for more details regarding our journey.

So, we took a 2 hour and 20 minute train ride to Antequera where we went down and transferred to a bus that brought us to Granada. It was a beautiful 2 hours and a half of going through the Andalusian hills as they all rolled into one. I think the tracks are unfinished that’s why we had to take the bus.

The bus brought us to the main train station in Granda where we took a cab to our quaint Air bnb that was situated at the foot of the hill where the Alhambra sits.