Doing Laundry: Chania

Easywash Self Service Laundry

I always do the laundry when we travel. I make sure that I am able to find a coin operated laundromat any where we go. The secret of keeping our luggage light and clean. It is in knowing this, we are able to keep our checked baggage at 15kg each. This gives us more space if we do some shopping with out the worry of excess baggage. Cholo is fond of bringing lamps and silver after our trips – so it’s already a standard operating procedure for the both of us.

It’s is also best to take a light load with you going through the Greek islands – because frankly it can get tricky tugging on your luggage, plus there are certain extra fees that you have to pay when you take taxi rides with a ton of luggage.

We were also taking a domestic flight back to Athens from Crete. So we had to make sure that we meet the baggage requirement of the airline company. Traveling light is always the key.

This laundromat is named EasyWash Self Service Laundry . It is located less than 5 minutes from the main bus stop in Chania. Washers are €3 and dryers are at €0.50 per 10 minutes. There are packets of laundry detergent available for purchase at the dispenser for €1.

Laundry Day

It’s laundry day. We found a laundromat a a block or two along 8th Avenue. We are staying with our good friends, Geni and Jeanette.

I used to do this a lot the last time I was in New York and I enjoy it immensely.