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New York Day 2 : Finding The Flatiron Building


IMG_0297August 3, 2012

3ish PM

Flatiron District

New York





Calvary Church at the corner of Park Avenue S and E21St

I was walking a few blocks up from Union Square.

The Flatiron Building is on 23rd street.” Silently reminding my self while looking at the street signs.

I wasn’t able to enjoy the view much because I was more worried of missing 23rd street.

I was walking and walking and walking but there was still no sign of the Flatiron Building. I stopped and decided to double check the directions and map on my Lonely Planet Discover New York City guide book. I stood under one of the construction awnings, composed myself while Constantine Maroulis passed by. Yes, that guy from American Idol.

I must have groaned audibly because a passerby looked at me.

According to the map, I was on E21st street corner Park Avenue South. The wrong side of the block.


I walked westward on E21st street with the map in front of my face.



The Flatiron Building Stands at the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street

The Flatiron building has always appeared phallic to me. I don’t know if it has something to do with my gay mind, but it does stand tall, erect and proud! Depends on the angle actually.


Plantsa de Uling


It’s true what the guide book says about it, the building does look like the prow of a boat. But being Filipino, it looks like a giant plantsa de uling to me. A charcoal fueled flat iron that my grandmother used to iron my school uniforms.

It also looks like a huge slice of cake.

It can look like anything triangular depending on ones very vivid imagination.

I think this is a stunning piece of architecture with clever design based on the land area where It stands. I wonder though, how the does the office spaces look from the inside?

Tourist were busy having their pictures taken with the Flatiron building looming behind them. The tourist bus stops on a red light and you can hear the tourists snapping photos. Then there are the native New Yorkers cursing at foreign tourists who block their way.

And I am falling asleep on the bench I’m sitting at.

I stood up and slowly started walking back to Union Square. Nat was to be off by 5pm and I was to wait for him by the park.