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Packing According to Louis Vuitton

Packing According to Louis Vuitton

June 22, 2012

Nat’s Facebook page


I was keeping tabs on my best friend, Nat, by checking out his Facebook page.

He shared this video on his wall.

After playing it, I just had to feature it in my blog.

This my friends is how to pack.

I have discovered that Louis Vuitton has a page dedicated to the art of packing in its website. It features ways on how to pack your things into a Alzer, Pégase, and a Keepall.

It’s interactive, informative and fun! You click on different items and it will show you where to place it inside the luggage to maximize its space and on how to arrange your things beautifully. It shows you how to fold two long sleeve dress shirts properly, how to neatly roll your cardigan and sports shirts and it even shows you inter fold a number of clothes together.

Feel free to discover The Art of Packing from Louis Vuitton by clicking here.






A SMART Way To Fly


Aug. 6 , 2011

Centennial Terminal (NAIA 2) International Gate

Gate 6


I stared at him as he walked towards the silver steel bench in front of Cholo and I.

“hmmm..”  was my bubble thought.

I eye him closely without being obvious.

First his shirt.

Then to his watch.

I went down to his belt and my eyes widened.

My eye traveled down his pants and reached his shoes, my eyes widened even more.

Then I saw his BAG. I gasped.

I turned to Cholo.

“Bubba, look at the old Japanese man sitting in front of us.” I told Cholo in Filipino.

“Very Smart!” was his remark.

“Yup! Nice bag too!”


This is the way to fly.

No, it’s not about the fact that he is decked with Louis Vuitton from head to toe.

It’s about flying in comfort with style.


…I do want his bag!


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