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Packing According to Louis Vuitton

Packing According to Louis Vuitton

June 22, 2012

Nat’s Facebook page


I was keeping tabs on my best friend, Nat, by checking out his Facebook page.

He shared this video on his wall.

After playing it, I just had to feature it in my blog.

This my friends is how to pack.

I have discovered that Louis Vuitton has a page dedicated to the art of packing in its website. It features ways on how to pack your things into a Alzer, Pégase, and a Keepall.

It’s interactive, informative and fun! You click on different items and it will show you where to place it inside the luggage to maximize its space and on how to arrange your things beautifully. It shows you how to fold two long sleeve dress shirts properly, how to neatly roll your cardigan and sports shirts and it even shows you inter fold a number of clothes together.

Feel free to discover The Art of Packing from Louis Vuitton by clicking here.






Buongiorno Positano!


September 14, 2011


Amalfi Coast

Campania, Italy


I have dremt of this place ever since I saw Frances (Diane Lane) being driven through the Amalfi Coast after Marcello (Raoul Bova) saved her from the Three Italian men chasing after her in the streets of Rome in the film Under The Tuscan Sun.

It was because of this film I learned what Limoncello was.

It was because of this film I learned how to say “Nipple” in Italian. It’s “Capezzolo”.

It was because of this film, I said to myself, “One day I will walk the streets of Positano.”

Indeed I did.


Buongiorno Positano!





On Dumbo

On Dumbo

September 2011

Elephant Camp

Ratchaburi, Thailand.




It’s quite an experience riding an elephant. Swaying from left to right is a different sensation.


We started entering the water and my mom started to panic. She was scared to fall into the water.

Dumbo made a noise because he had to poop. That part I edited out.


Here you can see him gliding through the water before making his exit.




To get to Elephant Camp you have to book a whole day or half day tour.

Your hotel or guest house can help you with this.

It costs around 800 Baht for a half day tour and around 1500 Baht for a whole day tour.

A half day tour will bring you to the Floating Market and the Elephant Camp. The prices stated above are exclusive of the paddle boat ride and the elephant ride.

A whole day tour will bring you to the Floating Market, the Elephant Camp, the Handicraft Center, the Rose Garden Show, the Elephant and Crocodile Show, and for the Cobra Show.

The price stated above excludes the payments for the paddle boat ride around the floating market, the elephant ride, the entrance to the Cobra show and the entrance to the Rose Garden Show.

The paddle boat ride at the floating market : 150 Baht per person

The elephant ride : 600 Baht per person

The cobra show : around 200 Baht per person

The Rose Garden Show: 500 Baht per person.

Bangkok Rain

Bangkok Rain

We crossed the Chao Phraya River from Tha Tien  (Wat Pho stop) to Tha Wat Arun.

We were at Wat Arun for barely 5 minutes when we had to rush back to the ferry because the rain started to pour.

We took the ferry back across Chao Phraya and took shelter at Tha Tien.

I told my mom that we should “wait it out”.

Sure enough the rain abated 20 or so minutes later and we went on our way.


So for those of you traveling to Bangkok, always bring an umbrella where ever you go.

It will protect you from extreme sun light and from unexpected down pours of rain.

A Placid Beach, Bantayan Island

A Placid Beach, Bantayan Island

April 2011

Beach Palcid

Bantayan Island , Cebu Philippines

Enjoying the Sun and the Sea.


To get to Bantayan Island, you need to fly into Cebu City.

Upon exiting Mactan – Cebu International Airport, you hail a cab and tell him to bring you to the North Bus Terminal. Just ask around which bus goes to the port of Hagnaya in San Remegio, Cebu. Buses for Hagnaya depart every hour starting at 6 AM. The last trip of the day is at 5 PM. It takes 2.30 Hours to 3 Hours to get to Hagnaya from Cebu City. An aircon bus ride costs Php 180 pesos per person, one way.

Upon reaching the port of Hagnaya, you would have to catch a ferry boat for the municipality of Santa Fe.  Tickets range from Php 130 to Php 150 per person. It takes an hour. Just make sure to arrive at the port of Hagnaya before the last boat departs at 5:30 PM.

There are private vans for hire at the North Bus Terminal. It costs around 2500 – 3500 to rent a van. The rate depends on your haggling skills.

There are flights available from Cebu City to Banatayan operated by Midsea Express (click here for their website.). The 25 minutes flight costs Php 1500 per person / per way. You just have to call and inquire in advance if they have flights scheduled for Bantayan.

RoRo boats from Cebu City to Bantayan are also a nice alternative IF time is not an issue. Unfortunately, I could not give you any advice about this because I am not well versed with which shipping line goes to Bantayan.


Cholo and I stayed at Beach Placid (click here to be brought to their website).

It is conveniently located 5 minutes away from the port of Sta. Fe.  Just peruse through their website to see their rooms available and their corresponding rates.